Reet Agrawal

I draw connections between art, science, tech and design through an understanding of human nature.

3D Design and Construction


User Research

User Experience

Interaction Design

Hi! I’m Reet, a 19 year old from Jaipur, India. I’m a current sophomore at Brown University, Rhode Island, where I study Computer Science and Visual Arts (among other things). My work mostly falls under the intersection between STEM and Art. I believe technology has an important role to play in the Arts and vice versa and I try to use that vein of thought as my motivation and inspiration. I do not like to think of my education or work as demarcated categories. I think we need an understanding of human nature as creators. I think we need problem-solving skills as designers. I think we need creative imagination as builders. Together, ideas can be powerful. Together, we can be powerful.


When I'm not in the studio or the lab, you can find me analyzing the most recent sci-fi movie or playing board games with my friends!


I’m so glad you are here. You can find more about my ideas by browsing through some of my recent works.


I would love to hear from you!

Brown University, 69 Brown St, Mail #3162, Providence, Rhode Island

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